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What is RSS3?    

RSS3 is a decentralized network indexing and structuring open information, making it accessible and valuable for the next Twitter, Google, and OpenAI.

RSS3 Network - The Open Information Layer

The RSS3 Network is a decentralized network designed to promote the free flow of information on the Open Web. The Network is novelty formed by two Sublayers: Data Sublayer and Value Sublayer. The Network is orchestrated to power a wide range of applications from AI training, social media, to search engines.

RSS3 Protocol

The RSS3 Protocol follows the RSS3 Whitepaper and aims to build a decentralized, open source, and extensible protocol for the dissemination of Open Information. Open Information, indexed from multiple permissionless data sources (PDSs), is structured according to the structure outlined in this Protocol. Therefore, the Protocol acts as the specific data structure facilitating the dissemination of Open Information on the RSS3 Network.

Why there's a need for RSS3?

Given that PDSs employ diverse data structures, within any given PDS, it's common to find products, services, and protocols, each utilizing distinct data structures to meet their unique requirements. This lack of standardization means limited interoperability, posing a challenge to the development of scalable applications using Open Information.

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