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Crypto Data Reconciliation Services for Accounting Firms

This service is only available for accounting firms

We provide low-cost, crypto data reconciliation services tailored for accounting firm partners.
Close your clients' books on time and reduce costs by avoiding use of accountant work hours for crypto data reconciliation.

Crypto Data Experts, Since 2017.

Helping businesses from US, Canada, Latam, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Ever Growing Ecosystem, Ever Growing Data Complexity

Reconciling crypto data in preperation for the financial close or audits is a complex, time-consuming task that drains your firm's valuable resources. Our team of crypto data experts have been agonizing on building the best crypto data solution.
We understood that the accountants spend more than 50% of the time on crypto data completeness checks and errors than bookkeeping during a financial close. Some of the common issues we have identified in the past 5 years in the business:
  • Direcrepancies in reported balance vs computed balances after 100% data insertion when compared with the block explorer.

  • Negative balances caused by complex scenarios like contract initiations and use cross-chain bridges.

  • Missing market data on long-tail assets

Delayed Financial Close
in Cost
in Workflows

We will reconcile your crypto ledger 2x faster at a fraction of the cost.

Our expert crypto data teams will recognize, classify and reconcile data from any blockchain we support, alliviating the time burden of your CPA team. If your accountants and bookkeepers are reconciling the data for you, our service will reduce the cost of reconciliting per client.
If you have dedicated teams and internal systems build to reconcile, we will take away the burden of hiring and managing professionals in house.

Expert Blockchain Data Analysts

Our service meticulously handles blockchain data, ensuring every transaction is accurately recorded and classified according to your chart of accounts. This precision helps in maintaining clean financial records and supports accurate cost basis tracking, which is crucial for digital.

Automated Data Reconciliation

We utilize advanced proprietary reconciliation technology to audit and correct data mismatches. Our system identifies discrepancies, aligns transactions with your financial records, and ensures data completeness. Our proprietary real-time platform (Cryptoworth) will streamline operations between the accounting firm and the data reconciliation team who is available at your disposal. This automation reduces the reliance on manual CPA hours, leading to significant cost savings.

Reduce Time Spent for Financial Close

With our services, you can achieve a more timely financial close as we will reconcile and maintain your ledger ahead of your close deadline. By outsourcing the complex and time-consuming reconciliation tasks to Cryptoworth, your accounting team can focus on more strategic activities, ensuring better-timed financial reporting and improved operational efficiency for your clients.

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"Cryptoworth has transformed our crypto accounting process. Their reconciliation services have saved us countless hours and significantly reduced our costs. We can now close our client's books faster and with greater accuracy. Highly recommend!"
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