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Immutable X is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, specifically designed for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital collectibles. It aims to provide fast, secure, and gas-free trading of NFTs, addressing the scalability and cost issues associated with NFT transactions on the Ethereum mainnet.

Key Features:

  • Layer-2 Scaling Solution
  • Fast and Secure NFT Trading
  • Gas-Free NFT Transactions
  • Ethereum Network Integration
  • Interoperable with Existing NFT Platforms

Use Cases:

Immutable X is used for trading, minting, and managing NFTs without the high transaction fees and network congestion often associated with the Ethereum mainnet. It benefits both creators and collectors by providing an efficient platform for creating, buying, and selling digital collectibles.

Learn More:

For more information, you can visit the Immutable X official website.

Visit their official website to learn more:
Accounting Features Supported for
Cost Basis & Inventory Tracking
Unrealized G/L & Impairment Calculation
Reconciliation & Sanity Checks
DeFi Protocols
NFTs Valuation
Automated Rule Categorization
Integration to ERPs, QBO, Xero, Netsuite, etc.

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