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What is Everscale?

Everscale is a scalable smart contract-based platform capable of processing 100,000+ transactions per second, with sharding, dynamic multithreading, and low gas costs. It aims to become the backbone for high-load applications with real use cases and to act as a hub connecting all popular blockchains together. Everscale's innovative approach to scalability and performance makes it suitable for a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps).

Key Features

  • Scalability: Able to process 100,000+ transactions per second
  • Sharding: Breaks down the network into manageable pieces for improved speed
  • Dynamic multithreading: Enables concurrent execution for better performance
  • Low gas costs: Facilitates transactions at a minimal cost

Use Cases

Everscale's fast-growing ecosystem includes a variety of dApps, making it an excellent choice for multiple applications:

  • Exchanges: Everscale can support high-speed transactions necessary for on-chain trade execution.
  • Bridges: Everscale can be the hub connecting all popular blockchains, allowing seamless cross-chain transactions.
  • Non-custodial Wallets: Everscale's low transaction fees and high speed make it ideal for non-custodial wallets that prioritize user control and cost efficiency.
  • GameFi Applications: With its robust scalability, Everscale can support the high transaction volumes typical in the GameFi space.
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