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What is Acala?

Acala is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the Polkadot network, offering a cross-chain stablecoin platform and DeFi hub. It provides various financial applications, including stablecoin issuance, lending, borrowing, and decentralized exchange, within a secure and interoperable environment.

Key Features

  • Stablecoin Issuance: Users can mint aUSD, a decentralized stablecoin.
  • Lending and Borrowing: Acala provides a platform for secure and efficient lending and borrowing.
  • Decentralized Exchange: A built-in DEX allows for seamless asset trading.
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Operates across multiple blockchains, enhancing interoperability.
  • Security: Utilizes Polkadot’s shared security model for robust protection.
  • Governance: Community-driven governance for a decentralized future.

Use Cases

Acala operates on the Polkadot network, leveraging its shared security and cross-chain compatibility. It allows users to mint aUSD stablecoins by collateralizing assets. The platform supports decentralized lending and borrowing, enabling users to earn interest or borrow assets against their collateral. Acala's built-in decentralized exchange facilitates seamless trading of assets within the ecosystem. Governance is community-driven, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes and propose changes to the platform.

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Accounting Features Supported for
Unrealized G/L & Impairment Calculation
Reconciliation & Sanity Checks
DeFi Protocols
NFTs Valuation
Automated Rule Categorization
Integration to ERPs, QBO, Xero, Netsuite, etc.

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